If you want a flexible cloud migration without prices 
that go up and down

It’s time to Intercept

Azure Compliance & Security by Intercept

Azure Support, perfectly fitted to your needs

24/7 monitoring, support with flexible SLAs, insights into usage and consumption – these are all part of the outstanding service we provide. Based on your business needs and preferences, Intercept can determine a fixed price per VM/per month.

24/7 monitoring

Your business never sleeps, and neither do we! You never know when you may experience issues, and whilst we minimise the risk, we know that our customers need advice and support. So we're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Monthly reporting

As all businesses look to progress and serve their customers, we at Intercept thrive to support our customers by providing insight and a round up of the performance of each of the products we sell.

Flexible SLAs

As a business catering for a wide industry and a variety of customers, we understand that every business has their own requirements. Therefore, we are supportive of our customers' input to ensure they reach their goals.

Simple pricing

We understand that costs of running a business can add up and become complicated. Our pricing model ensures you know where your money is being spent and it's stress free- all you need to do is set up your billing structure and leave the rest to us!